Engage for change

In this highly collaborative course, participants will learn about social change, how to develop a social action project, and will develop a plan for real-life community project.

Module 1: Social Change Project Introduction

Participants will engage in activities to get to know each other and their experiences and strengths in social advocacy and community development.

 Module 2: Social Change Project Proposal Example

An example of a current social change project will be presented and analyzed so that participants can gain the skills to later create and evaluate their own projects: including interview skills, action research, budgeting, networking, and publicity.  The current social project will be a real-life one wherein participants can help a community organization directly.

Module 3: Social Change Project Proposal 

Community development needs within participants’ own local communities will be identified. Stages and processes of community building projects will be applied with the skills above.  A proposal will be developed which can be further taken into the community after the course.  Initial contacts with identified community stakeholders can be made for later follow-through.

Module 4: Social Change Project Participatory Evaluation

Participants will share their project and evaluate each other’s program proposals for effectiveness, clarity, and application.  The group will hold a concrete discussion about moving the project to the next stage: execution!