Solopreneur Bundle

$1,299.00 $899.00

The Solopreneur bundle includes our three core programs to get you into business as an education solopreneur:

  • Interactive Program Design is a 30-day course that guides you through the design and buildout of your group-based class, workshop, or forum(s) for delivery on one of our lifelong learning platforms. Included are personal and group meetings to support you along the way and an LMS account to build your program(s).
  • In the 30-day Mentoring Certification, you will learn to develop and manage highly effective groups in an online learning environment. Our program emphasizes relationship-based learning. Once certified, you may pursue mentoring other programs from our catalog.
  • Program Marketing. In this 30-day program, we develop a collaborative marketing plan which identifies and attracts your target clients.
  • Four Months membership in the Instructional Artists collective. A Professional Development community for interactive program designers and mentors.

Once you register, we will contact you to arrange a schedule around your needs.

Income Opportunities we offer include:

  • Design and deliver a program through our learning platforms
  • Add your program to our catalog and receive royalty payments
  • Mentor programs from our catalog
  • Delivering workshops to the IAC community
  • Organizational consulting through Practical Academics