Mentoring Interactive Programs


The PSA Mentoring Class is the core certification for mentoring courses on the PSA platform. Join the program, and get paid while paying it forward.


Mentors are contractors for the Public Square Academy and upon certification, may work and earn income as a mentor for approved courses on a shared revenue basis. A successful mentor will be able to support individuals and groups in an online interactive environment by developing and sustaining relationships with the program participants.  The PSA Mentoring Certification is a prerequisite for mentoring any course on the PSA platform. It is designed to provide baseline competence with PSA foundations, functions, and practices while providing an opportunity for PSA and the prospective mentor to develop a positive working relationship.

PSA Forum Group Leaders may take this mentoring course at no charge. Contact us to become a Forum leader.

Prospective Mentors should be comfortable working with, supporting, and empowering adults and young adults from all walks of life; be able to manage a live online live course environment, and be exceptionally organized and responsive. Candidates who complete the mentoring program and achieve certification are admitted to the Academy, may participate in the professional development community, and – upon completion of the Academy Certification program (at 50% normal cost) – may work as a mentor for the Academy Certification program. Additionally – while acting as mentors – they may participate in the PSA subscription programs at no cost. Note that most other PSA programs will require certification prior to delivery.

Program Outline

Overview and Foundations

  • Lifelong Learning; Group coaching with a topical focus
  • Program Foundations: Technological/Societal Context, Adult Learning, Learning Theories
  • PSA business model and programs
  • Program Types and Uses, Program Syllabi, agendas, objectives/assessment overview

Program Design

  • Technology Overview (1:1 training: needs assessed and scheduled)
  • Mentoring classes, workshops, and forums
  • Relationship building and management; LLL buy-in, leadership/promoting the vision, setting the tone; clear expectations / setting a high bar, onboarding, office hours, wrap up; code of conduct, dropping participants/refund policy.

Program Operations

  • Discussion questions and discussion management; group formation and vibrancy; group models and contracts
  • Program results, production, and publication
  • Interactive/Experiential Learning; Problem-Based models, Role Plays, Case Studies, Gamification, and Fictionalization
  • Customizing/localizing programs

Business of Mentoring

  • Successful mentoring: Great programs + Quality relationships + Transformative experiences = Revenue
  • Mentor Certifications (What to expect in MT certification programs; model specific lessons; role play mentoring);
  • Program pricing/discounts, contracts, and mentor (Influencer) marketing; your style
  • Transition to course certifications / Mentor interests and goal-setting
  • Mentor Marketing


Register now for the next cohort. You will get a login to the course in Canvas and we will contact you and build a schedule around your needs.

The Mentoring program is a 4-week program running as a monthly cohort with weekly video meetings to be scheduled after registration. Once registered, you can interact with the instructor directly, or contact us with your questions.

Mentor: Michael Freedman, M.A.

Designer: Michael Freedman, M.A.