Group Leaders in the PSA Forum are responsible for:

  • Group orientation, management, and support throughout the program
    • Managing the meeting calendar to all group members
  • Coordinating the group charter and group membership
  • Assuring the group’s vibrancy: the positive and constructive functioning of the group
    • You are authorized to remove disruptive participants
  • Write up and submit the results of the groups activities (feel free to delegate any or all):
    • Summaries of group discussions
    • Results of program activities
    • Solutions to challenges
    • Endings to stories

In exchange for being a group leader, you will:

  • Participate in the program at no charge
  • Receive group leader training
  • Participate in a weekly leader’s support group
  • Receive a personal zoom video conference account

Group Leaders may become Program Mentors in order to lead programs Public Square Academy programs.

  • Participate in the Mentor Certification Program at no charge.
  • Mentors may audit any program offered by the Academy at no cost. 
  • Mentors will receive a percentage of program revenue for programs they lead.