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Program Designers

We work with designers, teachers, subject matter experts (SMEs), authors, and influencers who are passionate about helping individuals and organizations develop empowering and engaging education and training programs. The programs we offer are different from typical online programs in that they emphasize student interaction, cohesive group learning, engaging projects, and active mentoring. We walk you through designing this type of engaging learning experience and also support you as we collaboratively market your program to your audience. Our model is ideal for programs which have dynamic content and provide personal and professional development. 


Program Development
Program design, development, and delivery instruction and support, based on an adult learning model and emphasizing interactivity (discussions, case studies, role plays, fictionalization, gamification, etc.)
Tools & Services
Tools and business services. The Canvas LMS, Zoom video conferencing, payment processing/reporting, prof. liability insurance, etc. The Canvas Learning Management System enables synchronous, cloud-based access from computers, tablets, and mobile devices enabling 7×24 access to program content and discussions.
Program Marketing
Marketing training and support. We help you attract participants with a strategic marketing plan. We develop and execute brand marketing programs, promote individual programs on our PSA brand channels, and help you develop and execute program-specific marketing plans targeted to your intended customers.
Our designers are independent contractors who earn a portion of program revenue. Designers can offer their programs to mentors, and earn royalties when mentors use their programs. We will provide you marketing guidance and support, but our shared goal is to develop you as an influencer in your field.  Your reputation is part of the product.
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