Aspire to inspire before you expire. – Eugene Bell, Jr.

The Instructional Artists Collective is a professional development community of training and education program designers, subject matter experts, authors, coaches, counselors, teachers, and mentors. We are focused on developing and maintaining high impact programs using interactive and social learning strategies. In addition to teaching skills and knowledge, we are committed to developing quality programs which provide highly engaging and rewarding experiences: programs that have real value as stand-alone experiences.

As educators and practitioners with an understanding of education and adult learning theories, we affirm that quality learning experiences require the active involvement of the learner with the practical application of the knowledge and skills being taught. By working with groups we are able to employ interactive strategies where participants can test their knowledge in a supportive environment, developing not just their skills and knowledge, but their perspectives: thus we are Instructional Artists, creating programs and interactions which challenge and advance our clients’ perspectives.

We seek to out-compete self-guided and passive learning programs, and ensure that as we “educate, empower, and engage” our program participants, they will out-perform their competition on their path to their success.